What is Public Relations?

Matt Moseley Blog

Advertising is something you pay for. Publicity is something you earn.
At dovetail solutions our public relations practice is based on the art and science of enhancing or defending the reputation of an organization, company or an individual.

There are many aspects of public relations and they may include reputation management, branding, building coalitions, media relations, messaging, events, community investment, speechwriting, managing a crisis and generally working at any point where a client interfaces with the public.

People have various perceptions of what public relations is. In fact, in 2012 The Public Relations Society of America called for submissions for the best definition. They received thousands of entries before settling on this definition:
“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

At dovetail solutions we boil it down to storytelling and how an issue is framed. We believe any organization, company or person is only as good as the ability to communicate. That is where we come in.

Good public relations means planning for communications and being proactive. When you are explaining yourself, you are losing. We help clients crystallize messages, determine target audiences and then the tactical execution to move an issue from Point A to Point B.

Public relations is an exciting profession that draws on many disciplines to best serve our clients.