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“The dovetail team assisted me during a very critical time. Andy and his team were integral in helping navigate through this time, assisting with messaging and communications. I would highly recommend dovetail solutions. Andy’s team was highly responsive, professional and supportive. Having the dovetail team come along side us was a great decision. I am beyond grateful for all their hard work!”

Nadine Pietrowski

Andy Boian

Founder & CEO

Phone: 303.868.0085
Direct: 720.221.9211
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Emily Teiffel


Phone: 602.561.9413
Direct: 720.226.9590
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Ashley Clendenin

Vice President

Phone: 503-522-1941
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Carri Boian

Director of Operations

Phone: 660.631.3183
Direct: 720.889.0968
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Dave Farmer

Executive Creative Director

Phone: 720.496.5899
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James Pérez Foster

Executive Leadership Coach

Phone: 720.226.9595
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Julia Bulotti

Senior Director of Client Services

Phone: 916.605.6883
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Jennifer Hayes

Director of Client Services

Phone: 303.921.3314
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“Guiding our clients down the paths of continued success and innovation is a rewarding experience each and every day. To work at dovetail is to perform the art of public relations, marketing and branding. To be a dovetailer is to have the passion for elevating the experiences and practices of our clients and the future of their businesses.”
Jillian Headrick
Client Services Partner
dovetail solutions

Marissa Hoffman

Director of Client Services

Phone: 303.506.2497
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Alex Busuttil

Director of Client Services

Phone: 925.813.2093
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Katie Lindquist

Director of Client Services

Phone: 719.352.1116
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Jack Holleran

Client Services Partner

Phone: 623.565.3765
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“Andy and the dovetail team are amazing. They rigorously promote the interest of Confluent (and other clients) to produce quantifiable and community-centric results. Thank you team!”
Marshall Burton
CEO, Confluent Development

Anna Jacoby

Client Services Partner

Phone: 319.594.9487
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Whitney Conaghan

Client Services Partner

Phone: 541.556.8182
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