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our mission is to help our clients succeed by connecting them in meaningful ways to the communities they serve...
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dovetail solutions is a PR firm in Denver that offers branding & crisis management services beyond traditional public relations. We’ve reinvented old PR practices, as well as strategic communications, social media and internal employee communications through our unique Strategic Community Investment model. We integrate our clients within the community they serve, creating long lasting partnerships. With this strategy combined with all of our other offerings, we have been able to become one of the top PR firms in Denver. We promote our clients’ businesses and leverage their reputation. Trouble can happen at any moment, compromising that reputation so make sure one of the best crisis management firms has your back. We have helped countless organizations to mitigate situations that could have been disastrous. No matter the circumstance, we want to keep your brand intact!

What does “dovetail” mean?

“dovetailing” involves combining a smart relationship-development strategy, along with a highly effective public relations/brand outline. It is a cutting-edge concept in the world of public relations. dovetail solutions has made this strategy the essence of our work. This has made us one of Denver’s top PR and branding firms in Denver. dovetail solutions’ mission is to help our clients succeed by connecting them in meaningful ways to their communities. We conduct our work openly, honestly and with integrity. Our comprehensive services integrate Strategic Community Investment, public relations and media relations.

Typical PR needs center on brand elements, marketing/sales tools, website development and/or in-depth media programs. dovetail solutions is an integrated center of excellence for all aspects of innovative public relations elements. dovetail solutions’ services range from helping senior executives identify high-profile board opportunities, web design & development to increase online reputation, to developing network maps that encourage teams to engage with the community. In addition, we provide executive coaching designed to help clients to get the most from themselves and their staff. We help clients understand where PR opportunities exist in the political and nonprofit worlds. This ensures that their strategy is aligned with their passion and business goals.

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