Executive Coaching & Leadership Strategies 

Executive coaching is a one-on-one or small group consulting relationship focused on improving organizational behaviors, leadership capabilities and performance of executives, senior managers, Board of Directors / Advisory Board, and other key personnel. Key benefits include but are not limited to receive objective, third-party insight and advice on all related matters, gain a clear understanding of what drives decisions/actions and why they succeed or fail.

Improve on developing relationships with peers, subordinates, board members, clients, others, identify challenges in current and emerging roles and explore gaps between skills and challenges, acquisition of new skills and knowledge to improve your value proposition to the firm and development of specific implantation plans.


  • Provide personal executive leadership consultation to designated partners and senior staff.
  • Aid designated partners and senior staff in fine-tuning skills in strategic thinking, communication and decision making.
  • Help designated partners and senior staff get to the root cause of issues, so they can make fundamental changes to solve problems.
  • Provide objective, third-party, one-on-one interaction with designated key personnel to help them gain focus on goals and related priorities.
  • Supply agreed-upon tools and techniques to aid individuals who have been identified as future organizational leaders.
  • Assist in proactively combating key personnel turnover.
  • Give designated partners and senior staff the tools to develop leaders in the context of their current roles, without removing them from their day-to-day activities.


    • Strategic Thought Leadership.
    • Distinctive Competitive Advantage.
    • Blind Spot Assessment.
    • Creative Disruption.
    • Strengths-based Leadership.


    1. Identify specific goals and expectations.
    2. Determine key opportunities for action and environment.
    3. Optimize team members around organizational goals – define tracking KPIs.
    4. Key Market Engagement Strategies.
    5. Board / Advisory Board Optimization.
    6. Create action plan and related timelines.
    7. Analyze results and make course corrections.


    • Typically, 6–12-month engagement (min 90-days).
    • Weekly, biweekly, or monthly meetings, 60-90 minutes in length.
    • Pricing determined based on goals, timelines, and duration.


      • Expertise.
      • 1:1 Executive coaching.
      • Leadership development.
      • Team facilitation.
      • Team effectiveness diagnostics.
        Emotional intelligence.


         dovetail solutions has conducted many trainings over the years for our clients serving in a wide-range of industries and verticals. The trainings we offer are tailored to our client’s specific need: perhaps you find yourself in front of the media or other important audiences, your employees require coaching for how to talk about the organization or company, or you simply need a plan for how to move forward. Whichever the training may be, dovetail solutions is committed to the success of any one of these with our clients.

        Relationship Development Training
        Many professionals think that Relationship Development is similar to networking, but they are actually quite different. Networking is more of a surface-level introduction focused on quantity, with the exchange of business cards and handshakes. Relationship Development is a continual focus on value exchange. Business relationships with the right people are more important now than ever before. And we aren’t talking about social media connections or close friends. We are referring to the value-exchange relationships with a handful of business and community leaders in your market.

        Media Relations Training
        Talking with the media doesn’t come naturally to everyone, particularly when navigating unexpected questions and speaking in front of a camera. dovetail solutions provides media training through a one-time session with an NBC Emmy-award-winning anchor who uses a unique curriculum to help leaders make the most of their time with the media.

        Communications Training
        Every organization and its team members should be able to clearly articulate its core mission and values and read from the same script. Business communication skills are absolutely essential in every professional environment and through our training we will hone in on topline messaging, goals and objectives.

        Crisis Training
        Crises are incidents that threaten the integrity or reputation of an individual or company. Broadly defined, a crisis/emergency situation can be described as any incident where: human life is threatened, public health or environment is threatened, a serious accident has occurred, employees have been critically injured, killed or kidnapped, a hostage situation, or work stoppage, etc. The incidents can range from typical events affecting all types of organizations to industry-specific challenges. The goal in addressing and managing any crisis is to respond quickly and minimize the damage. This training guides the individual or company through the most critical phase – the first 24 hours of the incident – and then through a more expansive and targeted plan, tailored to specific factors and how they can be developed and implemented.

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