strategic community investment

At dovetail solutions, our mission is to help integrate our clients into the communities that matter to them through our Strategic Community Investment initiative. We help you understand where opportunities exist in the corporate, political and nonprofit worlds and help you become better and more deeply integrated into the communities you care about.

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The success of every organization is directly impacted by specific target audiences. Strategic Community Investment is the process of uncovering opportunities to become more deeply integrated among these communities. Investing in the relevant corporate, political and non profit worlds betters your business. Plain and simple. Check out what, why, how and our process in action.



our expertise

  • network mapping
  • strategic relationship development
  • introduction coordination & facilitation
  • strategic partnerships
  • high-profile board opportunities
  • volunteer opportunities
  • events worth attending & sponsorships
  • speaking opportunities calendar
  • identification & nomination for awards, leadership programs, etc.
  • relationship development training

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