communications strategy

One of the most important steps to take toward a client’s goal of enhancing its market share and coverage commensurate with its market presence is to, on an ongoing basis, redefine its internal and external communications strategy.

dovetail solutions works with clients to (re)establish a detailed communications plan that identifies specific current and emerging challenges and determines the appropriate strategies through tactics, milestones, timelines, clearly defined roles/responsibilities and the framework to measure results. We also identify what drives our client’s decisions and actions and why they succeed or fail, to ultimately help improve upon developing meaningful, value-exchange communications with key team members, clients and more, regarding company culture, its people and its philanthropic efforts.

our expertise

  • executive leadership strategies
  • development of internal and external messaging
  • ongoing refinement of internal and external messaging
  • company positioning in the community and beyond
  • deliver ongoing strategy
  • align digital communications

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