message of gratitude

2022 has been a year of continued growth and gratitude. From the vast and incredibly rewarding work we have completed with our client partners, to the opportunities uncovered through our deep commitment to our communities, this has truly been a very special year. We’re taking you through some of the highlights in this special edition of the ripple effect. Thank you for trusting us, supporting us and for making this a remarkable year. We wish you and your families the happiest of holidays.




our year in review

In 2022, dovetail solutions worked to add to our team with intent which would encompass all facets of our communications and brand offerings. With the additions of Jennifer Hayes, Michelle Hoglan and Jack Holleran, our dream team has grown for both our Colorado and California markets.

With the team growing, three dovetailers ascended to new roles. We’re proud to have Emily Teiffel as our president and COO, Summer Wright as senior vice president and Julia Bulotti as senior director of client services.



new denver office

As we geared up for a successful 2022, it was time to find a new home for our dovetailers. Now located in Cherry Creek North, we felt it was critical to be in the heart of the business district as we continue to grow within our incredible city of Denver. Here, we hosted our open house, having the opportunity to celebrate our new space with our close friends, client partners and neighbors.



brand refresh

With a new space, comes a new look. As we continually work to elevate the art of communication, it was time to elevate and enhance the logo which has represented and meant so much to us, and our community, for the last 17 years.

Going with a clean, simplistic design, we opted to remain close to our roots, and chose to lead our design based on the vibrant shade of yellow that played a big part in our original logo. Known for the positive emotions it radiates, yellow signifies happiness, originality, confidence, creativity and hope – an energy we wanted to keep close to all we do for years to come and signifies the missing puzzle piece needed to take our clients to the next level.





dovetail solutions by the numbers



what our clients have to say about us

We’re grateful to have the opportunity to work closely with our client partners such as Mackenzie Daley.



how we’ve elevated

One of the things that makes our firm so special is that we always find a way to push ourselves to be the best we can possibly be. This year we read two books as a collective, Atomic Habits by James Clear and Building a Brand Story by Donald Miller – two books that truly hit home for each dovetailer. From building small, but life-changing habits, to learning what elements build a successful brand, we will carry these lessons as we head into the new year.

To learn along with us, follow us on social media for our #ElevateSeries.





who we’ve learned about

Team dovetail kicked off each month this year by learning about a new figure with a compelling message. Over the last few months, we were introduced to Susan Scott, Marie Forleo, Brene Brown, Ben Bergeron, Emmanuel Acho, Simon Sinek and Robin Sharma who taught us how to elevate in our everyday lives in and out of the office.



newsletters we read daily



charitable contributions

dovetail solutions proudly supports Safe House Denver, Food Bank of the Rockies, Meristem and the Food Literacy Center helping provide five nights of emergency shelter for three survivors, 3,000 meals to community members in need, prepare young adults on the autism spectrum to build a strong sense of self, and inspire kids in low-income elementary schools to learn about cooking and nutrition to improve their health and environment.

message from our founder and ceo

A middle school teacher of mine once told me, “If you are find yourself full of gratitude, always make sure to thank the people who helped you arrive and those who may be looking for a helping hand to step up.”

With Sr. Benita’s advice in mind, I remain so grateful to so many who have been alongside our continued success as well as those who have stuck with us when the chips were down.

This past year we have grown, we have laughed, we have cried and best of all we have been good stewards to our tremendous client partner portfolio. With our unwavering commitment to our core philosophy of Strategic Community Investment we plan to continue our work connecting business to community for the betterment of both.

Thank you for all you’ve done allowing us to do so.

Andy Boian and all of us at team dovetail