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With our national reach and more than 34 years of experience in crisis and issues management, we are the right choice to lead in mitigating your crisis/issue at hand.

crisis and issues management

In today’s complex world, an issue of significance, or even a crisis, can happen unexpectedly and without any forewarning. It is absolutely essential you and your organization are ready for it, as it inevitably will happen at some point, and could be the difference between mitigating it, or letting it spin out of control. It can be quite serious, or perhaps it’s a smaller issue which can be resolved quickly and without any consequence. We help with the latter, ensuring a very experienced and sophisticated team is ready with little or no notice to address the issue at hand.

Our firm has been deeply involved in both complex and high profile crisis and issues management, and, as a result, have received the highest praise and accolades from those with whom we interacted, as well as numerous industry recognitions, which have led to dovetail solutions being considered the best in this field.

We have the most experienced and sophisticated team available to take on any crisis or issue, large or small, local or national, emergent or sustaining.

Bottom line, if it’s important to you, it’s vital to us.

dovetail’s 30-year crisis and issues management experience

  • proactive crisis communications preparedness planning
  • risk assessment, communications audit and protocol
  • individual and corporate crisis management
  • audience identification and key message development
  • media materials development
  • media outreach and response
  • social media crisis response
  • community outreach and stakeholder engagement
  • reputation management
  • crisis communications training
  • 24/7 support
  • ongoing analysis and reporting
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our clients say it best…


The results of a new study released today found that only 49% of surveyed U.S. companies have a formal crisis communication plan.


Another 28% have an informal (i.e., undocumented) crisis communications plan…


…and almost a quarter (23%) don’t have one at all—or are not confident that they have one.

From Forbes, Feb 23, 2023

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