As this greets you, we’re both humbled and thrilled to share the culmination of our collective efforts in our community impact funding since inception. This latest edition of our Impact Report provides an insightful journey into the tangible outcomes and transformative changes our contributions have brought.

This report is full of statistics, success stories and milestones achieved through our partnerships and deep-seeded relationships. These two reports are not just information; they are a testament to the positive change we’ve been able to effect in the community and with our client partners.

Within these reports, you’ll find:

  • Comprehensive data showcasing the quantifiable results of our service offerings.
  • Inspirational stories of individuals and communities touched by our support.
  • Clear insights into the goals we’ve achieved and the ones to aim for next.

Truly, these are a backstage pass to witness the incredible journey we’re on. Whether you’re along-time supporter, or someone considering joining hands with us, this is your chance to see inside the work we have been committed to since 2005 and are so for the long-term.

Thank you for being an integral part of our mission and vision. Your support has created ripples of change, and these Impact Reports are a celebration of those ripples turning into waves of progress.

We’re not just working to making a difference – we’re building legacy.
Andy Boian, Founder/CEO, Emily Teiffel, President/COO, and all of us at dovetail solutions


The success of every organization is directly impacted by specific target audiences. Strategic Community Investment (SCI) is the process of uncovering opportunities to become more deeply integrated among these communities. Investing in the relevant corporate, political and non profit worlds betters your business. Plain and simple. Check out what, why, how and our process in action.



Every organization has accomplishments, leaders and industry expertise worthy of recognition. Few organizations know how to translate their work into stories that are newsworthy. Check out what, why, how and our process in action.