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Our client, the regional head of a major financial institution, had extensive responsibilities managing the private, commercial, retail and small business components of his institution through more than twenty direct-report employees. He wished to become better known outside of his industry in order to complement his success in business.


After meeting with our client and assessing the institution’s needs, dovetail solutions created a strategy to promote community investment and personal networking. Our strategy centered on his overall goal to become well known outside of the financial industry through his community involvement and personal networks.

With this in mind, dovetail solutions set the following goals:

  1. Develop and solidify our client’s personal brand.
  2. Identify opportunities for our client to further engage with and increase his exposure in the Denver community.
  3. Facilitate introductions and meetings with community leaders, focusing on top-level decision makers.

We have achieved these goals in a number of ways:

  • Creation of promotional talking points, focusing on his core values and community interests.
  • Development of a creative and distinctive leave-behind.
  • Recommendation for participation in a number of senior-level executive committees and groups.
  • Construction of a Network Map, which identifies direct influencers, close contacts and the “web” of people with whom he is connected.
  • Identification of opportunities for our client to author op-ed pieces on business issues for local media outlets and specialty publications.
  • Facilitation of one-on-one meetings with CEOs and well-known community leaders.
  • Creation of opportunities for our client to address a targeted audience on his areas of expertise.


The results of the strategic community integration and personal branding for this client were a great success. The innovative leave-behind for personal branding was highly effective in keeping him top-of-mind for new and previous contacts. The widely attended speaking engagements and selective introductions that dovetail solutions facilitated for our client have served to plant the seed for his future self-sustained community involvement.

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