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With fall lingering so sweetly behind and winter starting its full swing, the NFL is the forefront of conversations everywhere. Now that each team has had its fair share of games, let’s talk Super Bowl predictions.

Since dovetail solutions is based in Denver, we will go ahead and start with our home team – the Denver Broncos. And hey, why wouldn’t we as they recently came away with a win against the then-undefeated New England Patriots. With that, the Broncos are now on the hunt for a bye and home field advantage.

PS – our COO, Emily Holleran, attended that Sunday Night Game and is a huge Broncos fan. She described it as “magical, snowing, electric and the ultimate defeat of the season.” Go Brrrrrr-oncos!

So, who has the best chance to win it all? Which team can really win Super Bowl 50? Let’s talk some research and analysis. Adam Stein, NFL Media columnist, explains.

“This is an exciting year with so many teams still alive. Fans of the Texans and Colts can still daydream about Wild Card Weekend and in theory, if there was ever a year for teams to get hot in December and ride momentum to Super Bowl Sunday, it’d be this one. The competition in the middle makes the NFL great this season. Understand, as a backdrop, I think the Patriots will hoist the Lombardi Trophy and I would be stunned if they weren’t in Santa Clara the first week of February. Thus, talented AFC teams might be ranked a bit lower than you’d expect.”

Here is Adam’s ranking of the nine teams most likely to win Super Bowl 50 which, by the way, isn’t a current power ranking.
1) New England Patriots
2) Carolina Panthers
3) Arizona Cardinals
4) Minnesota Vikings
5) Green Bay Packers
6) Denver Broncos
7) Cincinnati Bengals
8) Pittsburgh Steelers
9) Seattle Seahawks

So, there you have it. Now it’s time for our team to make their Super Bowl 50 predictions:
Andy: Patriots/Panthers (Panthers)
Mary: Patriots/Packers (Packers)
Emily: Broncos/Panthers (Broncos)
Alex: Patriots/Panthers (Patriots)
Marissa: Broncos/Panthers (Broncos)
James: Patriots/Packers (Packers)
Shannon: Broncos/Panthers (Broncos)

And we shall close with this… “I wouldn’t have a single touchdown without someone to catch it, and someone to block for it, and someone to call it, and someone to celebrate it with.” –Peyton Manning

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