At its core, business is all about relationships. Seems simple enough, right? In our experience, this concept is far more complex in execution.

The topic of relationships has inspired countless Inc. articles and leadership summits. While these sources can provide solid tips, businesses should also have a foundational framework guiding their relationship development strategy. Enter our Relationship Development Training.

We’ve modeled our curriculum to organically fit your industry and your business. In fact, there’s one buzzword on this topic that you won’t hear from us: networking. At dts, we believe random networking is time consuming, untargeted, sales-y and lacks a substantial ROI. This is the antithesis of relationship building, which should be genuine, natural and stem from an authentic business need.

For companies seeking to form lasting business relationships, dovetail solutions’ unique Relationship Development Training curriculum guides professionals on establishing new business contacts, re-engaging with past contacts or building stronger relationships with existing contacts. We help teams develop a robust relationship development strategy that ties back to their business goals and involves every employee from the top down. And in our humble opinion, you’ll be hard-pressed to find such a thorough strategic plan tailored to your business’ needs in an Inc. article.