Thanks for coming back to The Ripple Effect. The whole dovetail solutions team and their significant others recently attended a fun event for one of our own, and during the toast, a team member remarked, “This isn’t just a team; this is a family.” Those words could never be more true.

We love what we do and are so honored to have the support and trust of great client partners, friends of the family and close confidants.

It truly does take a village — and our village is growing. With babies recently born and others on the way, nuptials of two dovetail solutions family members and a fantastic growth year that took us from New York to California, Indianapolis and Washington, D.C., we are feeling sincere gratitude and good cheer.

We have a new website, new client partners and a new bevy of office furniture. With a continued demand on ourselves and our dovetail solutions family to do excellent, thoughtful work beyond reproach, we are poised to be even better because we don’t ever just settle.

Here’s to autumn, the best time of the year, and a wonderful holiday season. Stick with us. We bet you’ll be as impressed as we are dedicated to serving you and your work family.