dovetail solutions offers a variety of trainings – from media relations to relationship development as part of our core services. But, did you know we also offer trainings geared towards your internal/HR needs as well?

Through our Emergenetics Selection Program, we can reveal a candidate’s job motivations and aptitudes so you can determine if there is a match in job compatibility and performance for your company. And, through our Emergenetics profiling, we provide a clear way to understandthat who you are today is the emergence of your behavior, genetic makeup and life experiences all of which define your way of thinking and behaving in any setting. This is a great way to get to know your team and what makes each person thrive!

Emergenetics Selection Program – for hiring
People are the foundation of a business. In order to create a strong foundation, it is imperative to articulate who you want these people to be. The Emergenetics Selection Program (ESP) helps effectively capture your company’s selection needs by properly defining roles, expectations, motivations and the desired skill level of candidates.

Emily Holleran of dovetail solutions is a certified ESP Associate and by using an integrative selection process we will help empower you to define your hiring needs, assess your candidates and select those best suited to help build upon the foundation of your business. The ESP assessment provides customized feedback on all of your candidates. Using a simple, color-coded approach, the easy-to-read 1-page format helps you to quickly identify those candidates that best align with the needs of your company.

Emergenetics – for building whole brain teams
Emergenetics is a measurable, proven way to recognize and apply thinking and behavior patterns people use regularly. They were identified by reviewing research from a wide body of academic literature covering personality, psychology and neuroscience. These results were then subjected to rigorous statistical analysis. On a practical level, the Emergenetics Profile represents a clear framework of seven easily recognizable and useful factors that apply to work, communication and interpersonal relationships.

Emily Holleran of dovetail solutions is a certified Emergenetics Associate and helps organizations, ranging from small businesses to large companies, achieve desired results including increased efficiency and improved communication through solutions centered on the Emergenetics Profile and tools. Today, organizations are driving results simply by having a deeper understanding of each individual that makes up the team, putting in place a common language that cuts through the differences and creating a climate that celebrates the individual and bonds the collective. The result? Happier employees. Motivated teams. Better performance. Desired results.