An Investment in Your Community is an Investment in Your Company

Shane Ferraro Blog

Community relations. Corporate social responsibility. Philanthropy. Or as we at dovetail solutions like to call it, Strategic Community Investment.

No matter the designation, companies no longer view investing in and serving local communities as an afterthought, but rather an intentional effort equally as important as an organization’s business strategies and goals.

Applicable to companies both small and large, Strategic Community Investment not only builds goodwill and loyalty among customers and the communities being served, but it also helps to attract top talent and retain employees.

Today’s employees are looking to join organizations whose purpose is bigger than a simple bottom line, whose culture is associated with causes that align with what the employees believe in. This broadened sensibility involves giving, not only of money, but also of time as part of a well-rounded philanthropic strategy.

Our mission at dovetail solutions is to help our clients succeed by connecting them in meaningful ways to the communities they serve.

Regardless of your company’s current commitment to Strategic Community Investment, we encourage you to consider implementing a strategy to integrate your company and its employees into the communities they care about.