Well, NFL, that’s officially a wrap

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New England Patriots – 34, Atlanta Falcons – 28

Here are the highlights:

  • The Atlanta Falcons force a fumble and later score on a Devonta Freeman run that gave them a 7-0 lead
  • Falcons QB Matt Ryan would later hit Austin Hooper for a 19-yard touchdown pass that made it 14-0 halfway through the second quarter
  • Things ARE NOT going well for the New England Patriots (their first four drives include three punts, two Tom Brady sacks, one fumble and an interception that is returned for an 82 yard touchdown
  • Falcons lead enormously 21-0
  • Heading into halftime the scoreboard reads 21-3
  • The two teams trade touchdowns in the third quarter but Stephen Gostkowski misses the extra point for the Pats, and it’s 28-9 late in the third
  • A field goal midway through the fourth quarter makes it 28-12

This is about the time fans start to think, “Let’s get ahead of the traffic,” and “This game is [joyfully] over.” Not so fast…

  • With eight minutes to go, the Patriots get a sack-fumble, a touchdown and a two-point conversion
  • THE SCORE: 28-20 [Insert nail biting]
  • Then a miracle catch from Julian Edelman, the Patriots get another touchdown and a two-point conversion with just under a minute to play
  • TIE GAME at 28-28 and for the first time in the history of the Super Bowl, the game goes to overtime

And now fans are all thinking, WHAT?!?!

  • In overtime, the Patriots drive the length of the field and get a pass-interference call on the 2-yard line
  • And then… a walk-off touchdown by nonetheless, the New England Patriots [Insert: hair whipping, screaming, utterly unbelievable gasps and sighs]
  • This is Bill Belichick and Tom Brady’s fifth championship

Mic drop.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering, why the synopsis? Well, every year there is a follow-up to dovetail’s Super Bowl predictions blog from October. Last year, three of the dovetail ladies predicted a Broncos/Panthers showdown… This year none of us were so lucky. Here were our predictions and clearly we all love the New England Patriots:

Andy: Vikings/Chargers (Vikings win)
Matt: Broncos/Saints (Broncos win)
Emily: Broncos/Vikings (Broncos win)
Lea: Patriots/Seahawks (Seahawks win)
Zara: Falcons/Broncos (Falcons win)
Lindsey: Steelers/Packers (Packers win)
Marissa: Packers/Patriots (Packers win… leaving Tom Brady feeling deflated… pun intended!)

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