When a crisis hits, there are a lot of varying approaches on the right way to respond.  As a firm that is proud of its expertise in crisis communications, dovetail solutions has successfully navigated these waters since its inception in 2005.

Having worked on crises across an array of industries, one of our successes involved a Colorado school district IT breach. Following parent claims that students were able to access inappropriate material through the district’s web portal, dovetail solutions created a strategy that effectively addressed public concern and made the network more secure for student users.

To do so, we advised that the district host a town hall to directly acknowledge the concerns of parents and administration. During this time, parents were given access to the portal so they could become familiar with its features. The town hall created an opportunity for an open and transparent forum addressing the risks of Internet access for students. From this discussion, the district was able to determine what changes needed to be made to secure the portal and restrict web access standards. The outcome established the network as a secure and credible source for student learning that is still used today.

In the event your company needs council, dovetail solutions is well-versed in the art of crisis communications. In addition to 24/7 support, we are experts in crafting crisis messaging, media materials and social media content tailored specifically to your circumstance. Want to proactively prepare your business for a crisis? We offer mock crisis training sessions and crisis preparedness plans to companies of all sizes. No matter the situation, our team will provide the tools needed to have your business continue on as a succes