Hi! My name is Emily and I am the newest member of the dovetail solutions team. I joined the team in June of 2019 and I could not be more excited. Before dovetail I was working in the fitness industry in operations for Orangetheory Fitness (where I met my fiancé), then as the Regional Manager for a cycling studio and finally as a General Manager for a rowing studio.

What brought me to dovetail:

After being in Denver for nearly 2 years, I made the decision to seek out a long-term career opportunity with a company that would provide me with the ability to combine my passion for operational excellence with business strategy. Everything came full circle when my personal network spoke so highly of a company based on Larimer St in Downtown Denver called dovetail solutions. I had been seeking an opportunity to get back into the public relations industry as that was what I had been doing for 5 years in New York City. After meeting with multiple members of the team it was clear to me that elements of family, growth and excellence were prevalent. Walking away from my first few meetings I knew that I was going to be valued as well as empowered to perform.

My first week:

The first week was intense but in that “oh, so good kind of way.” Getting up to speed on the culture and processes will certainly take more than 1 week but I was quickly provided the opportunity to show how I can support in all aspects of the firm. It was quite refreshing as to how welcomed that was.

I am excited both in the near and long term to be an integral part of the dovetail team. As I support internal and external growth strategies my decision to join the team will continue to pay off in spades.

The people I work with at dovetail solutions are a caliber above the rest. They have the perfect blend of “work hard play hard” but they also value every employee and you really get the feeling that your opinion matters.

dovetail solutions is the place to go for growth and personal development. I know that the possibilities are endless in terms of where I can go and that I get to decide my career path at dovetail.

Overall, this is just a recap of my initial impression of dovetail solutions but I already have no plans of leaving, ever.