At dovetail solutions we not only do the work for our clients, but we also teach them how to do it themselves. Often times we help to build communications capacity for their own organization and we do this through trainings.

dovetail solutions does multiple kinds of trainings for varied situations and needs.

We can train our partners on how to be more effective while being interviewed by media or in public speaking. We have done a number of trainings for clients on how to handle a crisis. We have even done trainings for how best to present in a legislative committee hearing. And, we have worked with c-suite executives on speech coaching and presentation skills.

One of the most common trainings is communications planning. We take clients through the steps of creating the right messaging, how to identify targets and decide on the most effective tactics for addressing a particular situation.

The training’s dovetail offers are tailored to our client’s specific need: perhaps you find yourself in front of the media or other important audiences, your employees require coaching for how to talk about the organization or company, or you simply need a plan for how to move forward.

Every organization should be able to clearly articulate its core mission and values and everyone should be reading from the same script. dovetail solutions provides customized trainings for any situation, such as:

  • Executive coaching
  • Messaging
  • Crisis communication
  • Media training
  • Public speaking
  • Legislative testimony preparation
  • Organizational communication
  • Communications planning
  • And more…

Preparedness builds confidence, creates legitimacy and allows a person to speak with authority.