Love comes in many forms and at dovetail solutions we feel a true sense of love for the work we do, day in and day out. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to spend a moment taking stock of why we feel fortunate to call ourselves dovetailers.

In our own words – plus my loving tagline for why I appreciate each member of our team – here is a short (and sweet) message about why we love the work we do:

  • Andy Boian, founder and CEO (a.k.a. our fearless leader): I love the work we do because I selfishly believe we help bridge the disconnect between the public, private and NGO worlds that I believe ought to be.
  • Emily Holleran, COO (a.k.a. the heartbeat of our firm): I love being in a role where I provide value internally and externally every single day. And, I love where I work… the greatest state in the nation!
  • Matt Moseley, partner and chief strategy officer (a.k.a. our creative genius): I love the clients we work with and the exciting issues we deal with everyday. I love constantly being challenged and learning. I love helping them tell their story.
  • Marissa Hoffman, director of client services (a.k.a. team captain): I love the excitement that comes from helping clients to achieve their goals. And I wake up every morning excited to support our dynamic team. When your team members feel more like family, it’s hardly fair to call it work.
  • Lea Gralewski, client services partner (a.k.a. intern to industrious partner): I love that our work has meaning and that we get to help promote projects and news that have a lasting impact on the city.
  • Hannah Morris, client services partner (a.k.a. our social media goddess): I love helping our clients share their stories and amplify their impact.
  • Shane Ferraro, client services partner (a.k.a. thinks of everything): I love working with and supporting such a diverse group of clients.
  • Jenna Browning, client services (a.k.a. our editor extraordinaire): The positive synergy between our team members results in a superior work product for dts clients, and I love being part of that creative process.
  • Dave Farmer, marketing/creative director (a.k.a master of the digital world): I enjoy discovering each client’s unique value, and creating visibility and awareness around that through creative marketing and branding endeavors.