Business School - University of COLORADO DENVER


A local center for entrepreneurship is a specialized part of the largest business school in the state. It offers graduate-level courses, promotes an entrepreneurial spirit in the corporate environment, and assists in the practice of entrepreneurship and new venture creation, resulting in contributions to the Denver community.

The center wanted to position its business and its annual Business Plan Competition as a leading entrepreneurial event in the Denver metro area, expanding its brand recognition within the community and strengthening its position among the ranks of business leaders and graduate students.


dovetail solutions identified the following goals:

  1. Increase and diversify the audience of the luncheon, introducing it to new business leaders, entrepreneurs and businesses.
  2. Attract outside participants to compete in the sixth annual Business Plan Competition, expanding its outreach to students and entrepreneurs not associated with the center.
  3. Promote the center through strengthening its position and credibility in the Denver community.


As a result of dovetail solutions’ comprehensive marketing, media and brand strategies, the Business Plan Competition luncheon was a great success. New participants who had not previously been exposed to the event entered the competition. One such entrant even took first prize. The event received heavy pre- and post-event coverage and succeeded in positioning the center as the leading MBA track of its kind in the metro area. Total media coverage was valued at $45,000.

Overall, the 6th annual Business Plan Competition was highly successful in creating a wider brand recognition of the center than in the past, attracting multiple media outlets to cover the event, greatly enforcing the center’s position and involvement in the Denver community.