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I have been a Denver Broncos fan quite literally all of my life, which equates roughly to 11,862 days. Considering that, and since dovetail solutions is based in Denver, let’s go ahead and start this light reading off right with our home team. And hey, why wouldn’t we… we are the Super Bowl Champs!

On Sunday, February 7, 2016, in Super Bowl 50 in California, the Denver Broncos topped the Carolina Panthers in Peyton Manning’s last hurrah as Von Miller and the Broncos’ defense had a sack fest against Cam Newton, smothering Carolina’s offense. When betting on the Super Bowl in the 2015-2016 season, the Denver Broncos’ Super Bowl odds opened at 10 to 1. If all of that doesn’t still pump you up, get your heart racing and give you all of the feels, I don’t know what will.

Last year, our team got together and determined each of our Super Bowl 50 predictions. And you wouldn’t believe it, but three of the dovetail ladies, myself included, predicted a Broncos/Panthers showdown. I mean, sack fest.

Now that each team this season has had its fair share of games, let’s talk Super Bowl 51 predictions.

Super Bowl 51 will be played at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, on Sunday, February 5, 2017, and according to NFL media columnist, Alex Smith and Sports Illustrated writer, Greg Bedard, here is who they bet we will see:

The class of the AFC will go to the New England Patriots (4-1) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1) with risk-adversity being the only thing keeping the Kansas City Chiefs (2-2) out of this elite group. And, absent injuries, the NFC will go to the Green Bay Packers (3-1), Seattle Seahawks (3-1) and the Arizona Cardinals (2-3). Dallas (4-1) just doesn’t quite make the cut with its “not reliable enough” defense. And, ouch! They do not predict Denver (4-1) going back-to-back.

There you have it, although man, I don’t know how they can leave out the Vikings (5-0) or the Falcons (4-1). So, now it’s time for our team to make their Super Bowl 51 predictions:
Andy: Vikings/Chargers (Vikings win)
Matt: Broncos/Saints (Broncos win)
Emily: Broncos/Vikings (Broncos win)
Lea: Patriots/Seahawks (Seahawks win)
Zara: Falcons/Broncos (Falcons win)
Lindsey: Steelers/Packers (Packers win)
Marissa: Packers/Patriots (Packers win… leaving Tom Brady feeling deflated… pun intended!)

Ending this the only great way I know how, with a big ‘ol “Mile High Salute” to you. Football is back!

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