There is a valiant effort put forth internationally by companies who develop a corporate giving strategy as part of their overall budget and commitment to their employees.

On a regular basis, we get inquiries about the idea of investing in community. Rarely is the subject one that’s met with a great deal of preplanning, nor is there a developed plan around any community relations.

However, what is so exciting about the idea of Strategic Community Investment, or SCI as it has become known to our clients and partners, is the idea that the subject is being talked about in corporate and nonprofit boardrooms, in hallways of the Capitol and in the startup/incubator worlds.

By far, the best parts of the conversations we have now with clients and soon-to-be clients center on a logical, fiscally reasonable giving strategy.

Too often, companies want to “keep up with the Joneses” when it comes to giving, simply because they feel left behind if they don’t. Or, conversely, sometimes they don’t give as much as they would like because they lack an understanding about choosing potential recipients or developing a sensible corporate giving strategy.

The fact remains, Strategic Community Investment, a term we at dovetail solutions coined, is inspiring others who feel confident about the idea of community relations, and who feel a sense of responsibility to have a plan that wisely guides them about to whom, and when, they give.

If you have further interest in Strategic Community Investment, we give regular speeches about this topic and are asked to speak about it one on one and to groups. Let’s talk about what makes the most sense for your company.