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While the election may have wrapped up, there are still positions open for office, likely in your very own company! Who would be the MVP of timeliness or the person most likely to bring in a new client? With the year coming to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on the success of your company and its team.

As an employee at dovetail solutions, I have seen time and again how the firm has valued me as a member of the staff and made me feel cared for, supported and welcomed. For this, I would nominate dovetail solutions as most likely to value its employees.

How does dovetail solutions care for its workers? It stems from being a company built around honesty, integrity, trust and transparency. Many companies believe in these values but I have seen firsthand how dovetail puts these into practice every day down to the smallest of details. The firm doesn’t cut corners, either for its clients or its employees. This value creates for its team a desire in us to want to work harder for the firm and is apparent in many ways.

  • Emails sent to team members get a response. Coworkers care about each other’s effort and questions and respond promptly. This open line of communication minimizes stress in our daily work, as colleagues remain on the same page and responsibilities don’t fall through the cracks.
  • The little things are celebrated and acknowledged. From personal interests and hobbies to anniversaries and kids band concerts, people remember and genuinely care about life outside the office.
  • Work life balance is emphasized. Taking care of your family, health and happiness is a priority.

The value and care we get as employees drive us to “above and beyond” for the firm and its clients and that drive is reflected in our daily work for them. I encourage you to rock the vote this year and celebrate why your company shines and the team members who help it do so!

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