There are countless examples of times when a public figure seems to be unprepared at a press conference or during an interview. So often as viewers we wonder how such a blunder could occur when there are professionals to advise and help prevent these mishaps.

These occurrences are common in large part due to the fact that many people dismiss the importance of interacting with the media. Even for those that aren’t in front of cameras every day, companies in any industry have the potential to be media-facing at some point.

That’s why media training is a major asset to any company or organization. dovetail solutions provides media training through a one-time session with an NBC Emmy-award-winning anchor who uses a unique curriculum to help leaders make the most of their time with the media. Clients not only learn how to navigate unexpected questions but also how to utilize media opportunities to positively showcase a company’s expertise and successes.

Just like one would take training sessions to learn a new program or physically train to run a marathon, media training is a professional development opportunity that can truly benefit any organization or company. Give our team a call to learn how our training can be of help to your team members.