“What makes you uncommon?”

I try to answer that question with everyone I meet. It reveals unique perspective, insightful background and an occasional kernel of universal truth about the people I learn about.

And what drew me to dovetail solutions? An uncommon thing I identified is the drive dovetailers have to authentically connect. dovetail solutions focuses not just on the brand of its clients, but also on the community relationships of its clients, doing so with incredible intentionality.

I’m thrilled to join the dovetail solutions team and continue to deliver authentic connections for our clients, and to let my own uncommonness add value as well.

Much of what makes me uncommon isn’t necessarily on my résumé, but still translates over to my work at dovetail solutions.

I have a unique creative approach to branding and messaging that comes from my pursuits in improv and sketch comedy. Aside from making me quick-witted (and dare I say funny?), my creative work in those areas has taught me the importance of creating a shared vision, actively listening and quickly adjusting to feedback.

I’m not afraid to put in the work — other duties as assigned don’t give me the heebie-jeebies, especially with my past experience as a ranch hand and current volunteer work building and maintaining trails. While I probably won’t have to bale hay or cut a back slope at dovetail solutions, I do bring a take-on-anything-that-comes-my-way perspective.

Lastly, I’m an Eagle Scout — my penchant for service didn’t stop with my project. I am excited to help clients advance in the industries they’re in, but I’m also excited to see how I can assist them in creating a sustained impact in their communities through Strategic Community Investment.

I am excited to be a part of the team and can’t wait to discover what makes clients and friends of dovetail solutions uncommon!