dovetail solutions has added Julia Bulotti and Erin Uribe to its distinguished roster of client services partners. Bulotti works out of the dovetail solutions Denver office while Uribe is based in Sacramento.

In their roles as client services partners, Bulotti and Uribe are responsible for the strategy and planning on behalf of clients, as well as the day-to-day management of client relationships. Bulotti and Uribe proactively steward and advise clients toward achieving and exceeding client goals and objectives in media relations, internal and external communications, social media, branding and visual identity, advertising, digital marketing, public affairs and crisis communications.

Bulotti brings with her more than six years of public relations experience, leveraging her previous work in the fast-paced technology startup realm spanning B2B, cybersecurity, enterprise, mobile messaging, e-commerce, nonprofits and aerospace. From executing go-to-market strategies and strategic communications initiatives to conducting high-profile product launches and national corporate announcements, Bulotti’s expertise focuses heavily on national media relations.

Uribe most recently served as a digital strategist for Comcast, responsible for the development and management of data-driven digital marketing campaigns. Uribe’s experience includes work with large, national brands to advance marketing initiatives, developing innovative advertising strategies and assisting in coordinating events with 15,000-plus attendees. Uribe’s innovative approach to online advertising and acquisition strategies will help round out dovetail’s growing digital marketing offerings.


The team at dovetail solutions virtually cheered its 15th year in business this past month. We truly enjoy and thrive in environments that bring entities together for a shared mission, while building ROI for those involved and aiding the community with the “dovetailing” of everyone involved in our work.

This year, we are expanding our services to provide our clients a more integrated approach to support their communications needs. Beyond public relations, public affairs and crisis/reputation management leadership, dovetail solutions is pleased to offer in-house advertising planning and execution, design services and digital marketing services.

“The landscape has changed so dramatically, and we with it, and we realize there is so much more our clients rely upon for a truly robust and comprehensive communications approach,” said Andy Boian, founder and CEO of dovetail solutions. “With our expanded offerings, each of our clients will benefit from one point of contact for deep expertise and integrated support for all of their communications and marketing needs.”

To learn more about dovetail’s expanded suite of services, CLICK HERE.

Here are a few quotes/toasts/cheers from our valued friends, team members and partners as we celebrate our 15th year.

“Joining dovetail in January has been one of the biggest milestones and most exciting times in my 30-year career. Our team is like family and I’m thrilled to share their expertise in California.”
—Jennifer Bulotti, president, dovetail solutions

“Three years and counting … is how long dovetail has been our communications firm. To say they are good at what they do is an understatement; they are extremely good at their job. Andy has been stellar at representing our interest with the municipalities we are engaged with and provides us with the appropriate guidance where needed. If you are looking for a communications firm to handle your business, I wholeheartedly endorse their consideration.”
—Don Levy, CEO, Redbarre 

“The dovetail team is strategic, works very hard as your closest partner, and best of all is extremely transparent in regard to their proposals, as well as how and where the traction is and what results you can expect. Each step of the way, this team will partner with you, adhere to your best interest, place your company and brand in white space and fortify it within existing markets.”
—Mark Mechelse, VP Insights & Communications, Global Market Development Center (GMDC)

“The dovetail solutions team has the intuition and experience to know when, where and how to leverage media relationships and opportunities to share a project vision and message.”
—Eva Hill, CEO, Venture Oaks Real Estate Group