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Rianne VanDervoort – Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, JEMSU 

The Importance of Digital Marketing in your Overall Public Relations/Marketing Strategy

In today’s information-based consumer economy, digital marketing is becoming the most widespread method of growing and expanding a business. As more consumers take to the Internet and become acquainted with more brands than ever before, it is absolutely invaluable that you market your brand efficiently over the wire.

You need to market to users on many different platforms such as social media, blogs and mobile devices. The proper use of these systems has been proven time after time to be highly successful.

Blogging and Social Media Are the New PR Campaign

Social media is here to stay, and if implemented effectively, so is your brand. When you pair the two in perfect harmony, you create a powerful system of interacting with your consumer base and expanding your brand and image. Blogs are also an ultra-important information delivery system. When the right information is broadcast to your consumer base, you rake in more revenue. The benefits of these two:

  • Nearly two-thirds of Americans use social media. That’s an incredible market, all consolidated on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Consumers enjoy having the ability to interact with service providers, and social media makes this quick, easy and almost free.
  • Blogging is an excellent way to provide your target audience with useful information. This information can be used to make them comfortable with your brand.
  • Social media and blogging are two of the most cost-effective and successful PR campaigns in today’s digital age.
  • You have the ability to share your contact information tastefully in more than one place.
  • You’ll have more opportunity than ever before to “sell yourself,” rather than just plugging a product or service.

Mobile Devices Have Become the Majority

Mobile responsiveness is a major component in many successful businesses’ marketing strategy. In 2016, more users will browse the web with their smartphones and tablets than will use a desktop. Instead of having essentially two websites, one for desktop and one for mobile devices, you should make your page responsive on both.

Many users report being frustrated with a company’s mobile site, causing them to move on to find another brand. Google’s analytics system also takes responsiveness into heavy consideration when ranking websites higher (or lower) on search results.

The Digital Market Is Growing Steadily

Long gone are the days when buying billboard ads, cold-mailing flyers and renting real estate on the pages of magazines and newspapers was required to expand your brand’s influence. The Internet has consolidated a large percentage of consumers into one platform.

Your ability to drastically increase your brand’s influence is now at your fingertips. Whether you do-it-yourself, or you outsource marketing to a professional, digital marketing firm is of the utmost importance. Simply not taking advantage of the current digital climate would be senseless.

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