Adapted from Entrepreneur

  1. Brand Defines the ‘You’ in Your Business
  2. Brands Signify Your Intent
  3. Branding Goes Past Mundane Transactions
  4. Branding Helps You Outdo Competition
  5. Branding Builds Trust
  6. Branding Opens Up New Revenue Channels
  7. Branding Harnesses the Power of Emotions

Our team at dovetail solutions couldn’t agree more with the above and we offer digital branding & email marketing services. Former Quaker Oats CEO John Stuart famously said, “If this business were to split up, I would give you the land and bricks and mortar, and I would take the brand and trademark, and I would fare better than you.”

We believe our clients live in that same reality, where reputations define success or failure. In a professional environment where trust and accountability is paramount, the values of transparency and authenticity must be conveyed throughout the entirety of the brand story. This rests at the very foundation of who we are as a branding agency and is carried throughout each brand opportunity for our clients.