Strategic Community Investment

At dovetail solutions, our mission is to help integrate our clients into the communities that matter, and Strategic Community Investment is at the core of that. We help clients understand where opportunities exist in the political and nonprofit worlds, and help them map a strategy that is consistent with their passion and business goals.

Our services range from helping senior executives identify and seek high-profile board opportunities to developing network maps that help executives fully leverage their contacts to executive coaching that allows clients to get the most from themselves and their staffs.

Community Investment

Working with you and your executive team, dovetail solutions helps you identify the intersection between business profit and community incentive, specifically tailoring this intersection for your industry and overall marketing plan. We help plug you in at the right place and the right time to further your business goals and strengthen the impact of your marketing investments.

At dovetail solutions, we believe that successful businesses are firmly grounded in connections to the communities in which they serve. We call this Strategic Community Investment. Whether our clients choose to sit on boards of directors, join trade groups or associations, or attend events, we help them make the best investments of both time and money to leverage their business goals and meet community need.

Services: Strategic Partnerships, Government and Political Affairs, Commitment Investment Strategy


Everyone’s heard, “It’s all about who you know.” But what about who knows you? dovetail solutions understands that it takes strong relationships to get things done — it goes both ways. We help you identify your most valuable business relationships and teach you how to cultivate them as long-term investments, not short-term gains. It’s a win-win situation.

Services: Network Mapping, Strategic Relationship Development, Community Leader Meetings


Business success starts at the top. Whether you’re a natural leader or still finding your footing, the best leaders are those who can reflect on areas that need improvement and ask for help when they need it. dovetail solutions offers private, one-on-one consultation with our nationally recognized executive leadership strategist to help you and your business realize your leadership potential.

Services: Executive Leadership Strategies, Key Employee Retention, Blind Spot Assessment

Governor John Hickenlooper on the importance of community investment.