Venture Architecture

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Venture Architecture


Our clients, experienced and acknowledged designers and architects, created a unique company that specializes in architectural investment, acquisition and sales of properties with hidden potential. Despite the talent and experience of the two owners of the company and its comprehensive professional services offerings, the company lacked entry into the market and needed full-scale marketing services, including brand creation, website design and content, and business development strategy.


Comprehensive Brand Plan: After assessing the needs of the company and the personal branding needs of the owners, dovetail solutions created a comprehensive brand plan, including a customized marketing package and business development strategy.

Elements of the brand plan included the following:


  • Creation of logo and a tagline.
  • ID package, including business cards, letterhead, note cards and envelopes.
  • Website, design and content.
  • Positioning statement and support messaging.
  • Network map.


The combination of logo, ID package and website, along with the cohesive strategy to streamline and enhance existing business development efforts resulted in a highly successful overall presentation. The company’s brand plan was met with great success, elevating its professional image and securing multiple new business opportunities. The client is able to speak confidently and fluently about the business value proposition and differentiating factors, targeting potential clients and securing new business.

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