Radio Jazz 89

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Radio Jazz 89


Our client, a nonprofit jazz radio station in Denver, released an employee from one of her responsibilities, although wanted to continue to employ her as an on-air host. The employee and a family member who also worked at the station both quit the following day.

The radio station was concerned that the sudden departure of a prominent employee would lead to negative consequences for the fundraising event to be held the upcoming weekend.


After meeting with the client and analyzing the options, dovetail solutions provided a crisis communication strategy to the client to help diffuse the situation. Elements of such a strategy included the following:

  • Talking points designed for internal audiences.
  • Talking points designed for external audiences.
  • Preparation of back-up messaging documents.
  • Counsel as to how the client should proceed in each step of the process.


In a matter of four hours, dovetail solutions was able to successfully advise its client through a stressful circumstance. The use of immediate communication allowed the client to quell the issue without needing to draw attention to specifics. Little to no backlash occurred and the fundraiser was a success.

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