In 2015, a Denver-based IT management company, Platte River Networks, was affiliated with a high profile, controversial national political story during the U.S. presidential campaign. The company was contracted to manage and secure the Clinton private e-mail server, and was forced onto the national media stage as a result. dovetail solutions provided crisis communications support and became the voice of Platte River Networks for six months


The key objectives identified by dovetail solutions to guide the crisis management strategy included:

  1. Responding to all press inquiry directed to Platte River Networks including the Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, all major television networks and numerous others.
  2. Keeping all parties informed, which included the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security and numerous other federal agencies.
  3. Taking safety measures to protect involved personnel throughout the crisis.
  4. Disproving false information on a regular basis.
  5. Hiring an experienced federal legal team to strategically dispute wrongful allegations


Platte River Networks followed dovetail solutions’ advice by maintaining transparency with its ongoing clients and the media. Throughout the crisis, dovetail solutions sought to protect the reputation of its client who had no fault in the situation under scrutiny. Today, Platte River Networks has received 25 technology, growth and business awards nationally and locally since 2014 including a record 10 awards in 2016. Without the proper communications response during this high-profile case, the company may likely have faced the possibility of permanent reputation damage