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A local water-solutions provider approached dovetail solutions for assistance in increasing its media relations, Strategic Community Investment, brand enhancement and public relations initiatives. As a leading water-solutions provider, the company wanted to increase its visibility, both locally and nationally.


dovetail solutions identified the following goals:

Increase the visibility and recognition of the water-solutions company as the leading water-solutions provider for the energy exploration and production industry.

Enhance customer awareness to reinforce brand position and generate business prospects through media outreach to both trade and general publications.

Facilitate introductions and establish relationships with local, state and national government leaders and industry representatives to support regulatory and permitting processes and identify possible strategic alliances.

Identify and increase participation in key industry groups, community organizations (i.e., nonprofits), government grants and funding programs that help to establish the company’s leadership role.


As a result of dovetail solutions’ comprehensive marketing, media outreach and Strategic Community Investment abilities, the water-solutions provider was able to increase its community partnership, local and national visibility and leadership role in providing water solutions that were cost effective, with long-term sustainability. The plan also provided tactics to execute the media and brand strategy and detailed timelines for future implementation.

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