1:1 Coaching
We work with high-performing leaders who want to increase their leadership skills, create balance in their lives and elevate their impact in the world.

Our clients are ‘here’—where they are today—because they already know strategy and tactics, and they’re highly accountable for results. But they have a sense that there’s more—or a better way of doing things and they want to get ‘there.’ Together, we explore new approaches. We focus on energy, attitude and belief systems first, and then the results appear.
Coaching provides a container for leaders to focus on their ‘whole human’ again. Together we create an intelligent, thought-provoking, challenging, compassionate space for transforming their leadership and way of being from what’s gotten them ‘here’ to what it’s going to take to get them ‘there.’

With decades of experience on corporate leadership teams, we know how tricky it is to break out of the “it’s worked so far” mindset of professional development. We too have climbed the corporate ladder with a nose-to-the grindstone; work-hard-play-hard; disrupt-but-don’t-be-too-disruptive attitude.

And it works, till it doesn’t. 

In our search for a new way of thinking and succeeding, we trained to master Energy Leadership® – which provides a creative, asymmetrical way of transforming problems into opportunities. By seeing the humans in our executive leaders, we connect and speak truth to power. We champion simple solutions, state the obvious and ask the powerful, challenging questions necessary to create meaningful change.

Team Facilitation
Everyone knows you’re responsible for delivering results—but how are you at leading amazing teams? Great teams aren’t just a happy accident – they’re intentionally built and maintained. Research shows that up to 85 percent of teams aren’t performing to their highest potential. Too many teams engage in dysfunctional behaviors or fall into territorialism, apathy and unproductive working relationships.

Do you see teams in your organization that:

  • Fall apart when the going gets tough?
  • Struggle to deliver results because they can’t collaborate or hold each other accountable?
  • Lose top performers who disengage because they’re not willing to settle for being on an average team?

We use the 4 Team Zones® Assessment to diagnose team effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) and identify the weaknesses and/or destructive behaviors in your own team. And then we and provide leaders with the skills and tools they need to improve team dynamics, effectiveness and satisfaction. To build a team in which members value each other’s success as much as their own, operate with absolute candor and value connection and authenticity to deliver results.

We also combine our decades of experience in leading change with our expertise in team facilitation to provide an intentional, facilitated experience for important meetings such as strategic planning, calibration, organizational change. We partner with leaders to create an effective, meaningful, efficient meeting experience – from designing the agenda with the end in mind, to understanding potential detailers, to managing the energy and flow in the room.