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Daniels College of Business, the business school at the University of Denver, enlisted dovetail solutions to increase market and community recognition. Specifically, the University of Denver requested assistance in launching and implementing a redesigned MBA program, The Denver MBA, which is to debut in the fall of 2016. Daniels College of Business has redesigned its full-time MBA program, The Denver MBA, which will focus on challenge-based, experiential education. This major curriculum innovation is just the third in the history of graduate-level management education. The college has a strong standing as a top business school in the region and is growing its reputation as an innovative business school leader, previously in ethics and now with experiential education. However, the college is in need of dovetail solutions’ assistance to navigate the messaging and media around the new program, given the fact that some view the university as elitist, and tuition prices are significantly higher than other business schools in the region.


Through media tactics, social media, Strategic Community Investment (SCI) and internal and external communications, dovetail solutions aimed to increase market and community recognition of the college and the program. dovetail solutions analyzed Daniels College of Business’ community involvement and identified opportunities for further participation with and strategic introductions to community and media leaders based on the college’s vision and goals. dovetail solutions assisted with Daniels College of Business’ internal and external communications to educate current students, prospective students, alumni and faculty about the importance of successfully launching a redesigned MBA program and what role they can play in helping the college achieve this goal. dovetail solutions also provided recommendations and support to employ several social media tactics to strengthen brand awareness about The Denver MBA. dovetail solutions used a variety of media relations tactics to increase visibility for the Daniels College of Business, including distributing press releases, pitching story ideas and interview opportunities and facilitating interviews with reporters.


dovetail solutions successfully increased market and community recognition of Daniels College of Business and The Denver MBA. On behalf of Daniels College of Business, dovetail solutions introduced and pitched to key influencers in the media, including 9News, The Denver Post, Poets & Quants and BusinessDen, several of which resulted in media coverage. dovetail solutions facilitated strategic introductions with key community leaders, as well as facilitated attendance at key events. dovetail solutions provided assistance with messaging for promoting, both internally and externally, The Denver MBA. This included updating the Daniels College of Business Wikipedia page to include The Denver MBA. Through social media, dovetail solutions strengthened brand awareness about The Denver MBA through the recommended development of university and influencer engagement plans in addition to identifying student ambassadors to author blog and social media posts.

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