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Crestcom International has been a global leader in the areas of management and training for almost three decades. Today, Crestcom’s signature program, The Bullet Proof Manager, is one of the most widely used management- and leadership-development programs among Fortune 100 companies. While the company has had great success growing its business through traditional means, it felt that its lack of focus in social media was causing challenges with its licensees, prospective licensees and potential clients. Crestcom retained dovetail solutions to build a comprehensive social media program, including policies and guidelines for licensees, which would position the company with its various target audiences.


Crestcom International wanted to engage a previously untapped audience through its social media efforts. Many of its target clients were already active on social media, and dovetail solutions wanted to ensure that Crestcom was a credible online source that could address their training technology needs. By establishing Crestcom’s social media presence, its online communities would help drive traffic and a cohesive Crestcom International brand.

Our strategy included the following elements:

  • Establish relevant social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube)
  • Develop clear policies and guidelines for the company and its licensees
  • Develop a social media toolkit for licensees to ensure they conformed to the brand standards
  • Share social media tips with the Crestcom franchisees to assist their online efforts
  • Identify and connect with social media influencers
  • Develop an editorial calendar to drive daily content
  • Share Crestcom International materials as well as other relevant industry information to position Crestcom as a thought leader and establish online relationships with industry professionals
  • Monitor discussion threads to uncover interesting topics and areas of opportunity


By establishing an online presence for Crestcom International, dovetail solutions greatly enhanced the company’s overall branding. Crestcom’s social media sites now connect the franchisees through an online community, providing a forum to share business best practices. Additionally, Crestcom has engaged a new audience segment that previously had little to no knowledge of or contact with the company. In just over a quarter, two of Crestcom’s social media sites became the third and fourth largest sources driving traffic to its website.

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