Public Affairs

Oftentimes, issues that coexist between the private and public sectors are complex and can be threatening for an organization – and just as often there are opportunities to be realized. Public Affairs coordinates complex and challenging issues confronting organizations and businesses, usually from external forces. It is the intersection of public policy, business and government.

Our approach at dovetail solutions is to bridge the gap between public and private and help get clients from Point A to Point B through development of a tactical plan with specific end goals. Public Affairs is the coordination of many moving parts including, but not limited to, the following:

* Government Relations and Lobbying
* Advocacy
* Coalition Building
* Using Third Party Validators and Influencers
* Marketing & Advertising
* Media Relations & Social Media
* Event Production
* Reputation Management & Branding
* Writing & Research
* Messaging & Graphic Design

There are very limited options when it comes to firms with the expertise and ability to pull all of these together toward a workable goal.

What makes dovetail solutions unique and sets us apart is our special blend of relationships with government officials, business leaders and influencers, a deep knowledge of public policy across many areas including energy, water, transportation, real estate, natural resources and justice, and the skills and expertise to move issues forward and solve extremely challenging problems.

Just a sampling of Public Affairs for our clients: Clearing the way for one of the largest hotel developments in the West, preventing the hostile takeover of an electric system by a city, stopping a hydropower project in Aspen, changing the city government of a small mountain town, managing the reputation of CEOs and celebrities, coordinating public involvement for government agencies, stopping harmful legislation to a client and changing juvenile justice laws.