The Art of Political Affairs

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It should come as no surprise that public and political affairs are among the various services dovetail solutions offers, given the extensive political backgrounds of Founder & CEO Andy Boian and Partner & Chief Strategy Officer Matt Moseley.

Our resident political experts work as FOX31 political analysts and are regularly featured in the press for their political insights and expertise.

Andy is engaged in electoral politics at both national and state levels, most recently chairing Gavin Newsom’s successful candidacy for governor of California in 2018. His more than 25 years of experience as a senior campaign advisor and strategist includes serving in former President Bill Clinton’s administration and on the Democratic National Committee.

Matt’s political background includes serving as national field director for Rock the Vote in Los Angeles, deputy press secretary under White House communications director Mike McCurry for the Denver Summit of the Eight (G7 Summit) in 1997, and communications director for the Colorado Senate under President Joan Fitz-Gerald.

We asked Andy and Matt about what draws them to political advising and campaign management and about any experiences on which they reflect back with fondness.

“I majored in political science and I teach political science, but politics is not a science; it’s an art,” says Andy. “What makes politics so interesting and so fascinating is it’s all about the human spirit. It’s based around what people care about, why they care about it and who should carry that mantle.”

He adds: “The politics I enjoy involve healthy debate, discord, honesty and transparency. May the best person and best issue win.”

Among many, two memories immediately stand out for Andy when he recalls his time working in electoral politics.

“I first had the chance to work for then President-elect Clinton following the 1992 presidential election and I remember talking with and extending my hand to congratulate him. He gave me a hug and thanked me for all I’d done to support him and his campaign. That was a very poignant moment for me.”

He continues, “Election night this past November when Gavin Newsom was elected governor of California is another moment in my professional life on which I look back with great pride. I have worked with Gavin for more than a decade, dating back to his time as lieutenant governor of California, and chairing his campaign for governor, particularly at a time of such tumult in politics, was my honor.”

Matt’s thoughts on politics parallel those of longtime friend and colleague Andy.

“The one thing I love about political affairs is that it involves a lot of the major issues of the day, like education funding, energy and real estate,” says Matt. “Being on the front lines of issues that really matter, and helping people to tell their stories, are some of the most rewarding things about working in political affairs.”

Matt is currently working on his second book, titled Ignition: Influencing Your Environment and Shaping Public Opinion.

He explains, “Central to the book is the question, ‘How do you get people to care enough to support a candidate, contribute to a cause, vote a certain way on an issue?’”

As national field director for Rock the Vote in 1998, Matt helped to register 250,000 people to vote in just four months.

“Rock the Vote was and still is a perfect example of how you can influence behavior, using music and celebrity to encourage young people to vote. It was groundbreaking and influenced several elections.

“The mechanism for getting people to care is telling a story.”

At dovetail solutions, we bring the same merits Andy and Matt developed on the campaign trail to our clients. We’re at the intersection of public policy, business and government. Let’s work together.