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Hello, everyone! My name is Shannon and I am the new dovetail solutions intern for Fall 2015. I studied communication studies, marketing and French at the University of Denver as an undergraduate student. Not yet ready to join the “real world,” I decided to pursue my master’s degree in strategic communications, also at the University of Denver. I’ve had other internships in the past that have given me some insight into what PR work might be like, but this is my first time at an agency. I’m excited to learn everything this internship has to offer! 

At my initial interview I just got a good feeling about the company. I could tell people were earnest about the work they did, and that this internship wouldn’t be filled with coffee runs and useless tasks. That was so important for me to know because I wanted an internship where I could learn the ins and outs of PR work and actually gain experience. From my first day, that has proven to be the case. I’ve jumped right into client work and everyone has been incredibly helpful in getting me up to speed on the clients and projects we’re working on. Not only have I liked the work I’m doing, but I’ve also enjoyed getting to know everyone at the office. It’s a fun atmosphere where everyone genuinely enjoys each other’s company. I’ve listened to so many of my friends complain about their jobs and the people they work with, that I can appreciate the environment at dovetail. It’s a great place to be, both for helping me with my career and for showing me that work can be fun!

Although it’s early on in my internship, there are certain things I hope to achieve. I’m looking forward to becoming even more involved with client work and being able to provide clients with the resources and materials they need to succeed. Any work that I can contribute, no matter how big or small, is invaluable to me. I just want to learn everything there is and how to be the best PR professional that I can be. I know I’m in the right place to learn that, and I can’t wait for this adventure to continue!

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