dovetail solutions is a fully integrated national PR, marketing, advertising and public affairs firm with decades of experience and expertise to build long-term sustainable and successful partnerships that create results.

To help our clients succeed by connecting them in meaningful and impactful ways with their communities and clientele.

‘dovetailing’ philosophy is simple:

  • To be remembered, you have to show up.
  • Your best resource is your community. Make it a core part of your business — we’ll show you how.
  • An effective market presence takes more than a good brand. It takes relationships. Good ones. We can help you build them.
  • Your most valuable commodities are your time and money. We’ll help you maximize both.

what is dovetailing?

1: to join by means of dovetails
2: to fit skillfully together to form a whole
3: to fit ingeniously or complexly
4: to revolutionize the relationship between business and community

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