Thomas Waggett

Thomas Waggett

Phone: (720) 226-9595

Thomas is a Junior at the University of Colorado, Boulder, majoring in both Political Science
and History. He has an avid passion for Public Affairs, and holds a strong belief that the best
way forward is a partnership between government and business.

Having become interested in politics at an early age, Thomas eagerly joined Speech and
Debate once reaching high school. Despite initially believing that there would always be a
“right” side to each issue, he quickly learned that issues more often than not have no good
guys, and no bad guys, just people who can be both. This understanding of the complexity of
the real world then inspired him to pursue Political Science at University, hoping to understand
the present, while he also pursuing History to understand the past.

Thomas hopes to provide an in-depth and fruitful experience for all clients, especially in the
Public Affairs sphere. Capitalizing on the belief above, that progress is most effectively made in