Courtney Lee – Director of Client Services

Courtney Lee
Director of Client Services

Phone: (720) 226-9595

Plan developer, program driver

Courtney joined dovetail solutions in 2019. Her marketing expertise is deep and varied, with more than a decade of successes benefiting public, private and non-profit organizations.

Courtney’s career has evolved from the intersection of non-profit management and broadcast media as a marketing strategist and tactician at Colorado Public Radio (CPR). She wore many hats and cultivated a wide set of skills during her eight-year tenure with one of the largest media organizations in Colorado, and a leader nationally among public media outlets.

As director of communications for CPR, Courtney oversaw creative strategy, audience research and development, advertising and content marketing. She built an in-house creative team from the ground up, growing talent and expertise for branding and corporate storytelling. She developed marketing plans and brand strategy to position the organization for growth and provided subsequent counsel and direction to help shape and extend CPR’s brand as growth efforts were realized. This included her work to support the launch of CPR’s first triple-A radio station (OpenAir) in 2011; projects to engage communities more deeply in and in some cases create new communities around, CPR’s music and journalism products with an emphasize on partnerships; and a multi-year effort to evolve CPR’s digital strategy, with specific focus on new channels like email and social media, and more robust and user-centered design.

Before joining Colorado Public Radio, Courtney honed her skills as a copywriter, project manager and PR practitioner for Colorado Parks & Wildlife where she supported content marketing, PR and events for 42 state parks. While completing her master’s degree at the University of Denver, she also gained real-world experience as an intern and later comms specialist on the global communications team for Denver-based software company Quark Inc.

Community development, education, and non-profit work are at the center of Courtney’s professional passions and stem from an interest in civics and democracy, which she cultivated early in life. She was a congressional intern in Washington D.C. for Colorado Representative Diana DeGette, a position she coveted after traveling to the Capitol as a national finalist on her high school’s debate team.

Courtney holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the College of Wooster (Wooster, Ohio) where she studied youth political campaigns and voter non-participation. She adapted that work as a graduate student to consider the impact of the media’s presentation of politics on the politically inactive 18- to 24-year-old demographic. Her research compared traditional television network news with that of “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” in a content analysis of similar segments.

Courtney brings an eagle eye for detail, sound decision making and efficiency to her work for dovetail clients. A divergent thinker, Courtney excels at finding uncommon and unexpected links to connect seemingly unrelated things. This approach has served her well to conceptualize strategic campaigns and messaging that yield results and to secure value-added publicity connecting clients to thoughtful and meaningful stories of community impact.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Courtney outside adventuring through her favorite places in Colorado (and beyond), in her kitchen cooking and baking, engaged in her favorite books, shows, magazines, podcasts, and YouTube videos, snuggling her ornery cat Moses and enjoying life with her husband and twin sons.