media relations

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing the best representation for your company. The right firm understands how to best utilize the power of new technology and build long-standing, mutually beneficial relationships, while crafting original ideas to tell the story. Garnering valuable media exposure is both an art and a science, starting with a focused strategy to develop solid, newsworthy messaging, speaking to the audiences that matter. 

dovetail solutions is made up of senior communication professionals who have extensive experience working with journalists and their outlets worldwide. We combine award-winning writing skill with expert insight into what makes a good story, while enhancing already established relationships with key media contacts. This allows us to write strategic communications plans that offer both significant measurable results, and key outcomes that have been proven time over time.

This approach does not focus only on the traditional method of sending media releases out. dovetail solutions is smart, forward-thinking, methodical and successful in utilizing the right tools to reach the exactly correct targeted audiences in a time sensitive manner, positioning clients as thought leaders and subject matter experts while ensuring consistent brand presence. 

Key components of our services in this area follow:

  • Developing a comprehensive public/media relations plan that ratifies and reinforces clients’ objectives and outlines tactics to specifically fit their situation
  • Drafting and distributing press releases, media pitches, contributed articles and other media opportunities and then methodically following up to ensure success specific to the reporters’ willingness and ability to cover the information
  • Utilizing media technology to gather intelligence on target publications, resources and editorial contacts
  • Identifying and submitting candidates for leading industry awards and recognitions
  • Training clients for in-depth collaboration with the media, if applicable
  • Integrating social media tools as part of the overall public/media relations strategy and consultation on developing an effective, customized social media plan