How Technology Has Changed the Holidays

Unless we stop to think back to what the world was like before the Internet, we often don’t realize how technology has really changed how we live. This includes our holiday traditions. So here’s my Top 10 List of how Americans’ holiday season has become digitized.

Tracking Santa

Instead of the kids asking when Santa will come visit their houses, they can now go online or call the NORAD Santa Tracking Team.

Yule Log/Menorah

Rather than burning our own Yule logs or Menorahs, we can simply download an app. Although I don’t think it has quite the same effect…

Greeting Cards

Now our holiday cards are delivered to a different mailbox…no more walking down to the end of your driveway.

Online Shopping

Who ever thought we’d see the day where shoppers no longer have to trek through the snow or fight the crowds? Now the mall is at our fingertips.

Online Volunteering

Volunteering to your favorite charity is easier than ever. Just send a donation online. Although, for those of us who to like to donate our time with those in need, this won’t quite substitute…

Talking Santa app

Instead of going to the mall and waiting in those long lines, kids can talk to Santa right from a smartphone!


Rather than the annual holiday phone call to family members across the country, we can video chat and see those bright smiles first hand!

Dreidel app

We’ll have to learn a whole new technique to play this new form of the game. Welcome to Dreidel 2.0. Save the cost of a stamp and trip to the post office. Your child’s wish list to Santa is but a click away!


According to Esquire, the best-selling gifts themselves have also become digitized. The last decade has been full of tablets, electronic toys, and video games. Want to take a guess at what the number one gift was only 20 years ago? POG discs. Oh, how the times have changed…

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