702, 2017
Emily Holleran

Well, NFL, that’s officially a wrap

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New England Patriots – 34, Atlanta Falcons – 28 Here are the highlights: The Atlanta Falcons force a fumble and later score on a Devonta Freeman run that gave them a 7-0 lead Falcons QB [...]

1411, 2016
Lea Gralewski

Rock The Vote! What’s Your Company’s Superlative?

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While the election may have wrapped up, there are still positions open for office, likely in your very own company! Who would be the MVP of timeliness or the person most likely to bring in [...]

1810, 2016
Emily Holleran

There are four seasons: winter, spring, summer & football

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I have been a Denver Broncos fan quite literally all of my life, which equates roughly to 11,862 days. Considering that, and since dovetail solutions is based in Denver, let’s go ahead and start this [...]

3008, 2016
Lea Gralewski

Rethinking Productivity

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During a recent networking event, attendees were asked to mingle and discuss some typical icebreaker questions; would you rather be invisible or be able to fly? What is your favorite sport in the Olympics? After [...]

2206, 2016
Lindsey Hall

perspective from a right-brain thinker

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A teacher told me once, “There are two types of people in this world – right brain and left brain.” “I want to be both,” I said. “But you’re not,” this teacher replied flatly. “You’re [...]

1805, 2016
Mary Kusek

don’t sweat the small talk

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Thursday, 4 p.m. You leave work early to attend a networking event on behalf of your company. Upon arrival, you spot several friends you’ve met through your professional circles and head over to say hello. [...]